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Interpreting means that a spoken language is orally translated into another target language. A distinction is made between simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting takes place virtually at the same time as the statements being translated. In addition to a trained interpreter, this also requires a permanently installed or mobile system with interpreting booths.
The interpreter hears the source language through headphones and translates it into the target language almost simultaneously. Since this type of interpreting is very strenuous, two interpreters are often used. Consecutive interpreting can also be carried out in small groups. No system is required for this. The interpreter takes notes. The interpreting takes place in a time-shifted manner, which is why this type of interpreting requires more time than the simultaneous technique. .



Arabic interpreter
I carry out assignments throughout Switzerland. I also travel abroad for special orders (Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, etc.)


I can build on many years of experience as an interpreter for the police, public prosecutor's office, higher court, Federal Office for Migration (BFM) in Bern/Zurich/Basel, Asylum Organization Zurich (AOZ), authorities, at weddings, in hospitals and schools.



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