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The Arabic language 


Arabic is now one of the most widely spoken languages, spoken by over 250 million people in the Middle East. It is used daily in newspapers, radio and television commentaries and literature. The written language has hardly changed over the centuries.

In addition, Arabic is the language of the Koran for all Muslims and the only form of speech permitted in prayer; Arabic is the religious language in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia. This means that this artistic language is probably known to around a billion people.

The Arabic language is the youngest language of the large Semitic language tribe, which includes Akkadian, Aramaic, Canaanite and South Arabian-Ethiopian. 

Why an Egyptian as a translator? 


Egypt was an early leader among the Arab countries, for example in the following areas. Education, medicine, engineering, MBA, executives, etc. For this reason, many Egyptians were sought after in these fields to pass on their knowledge There they spoke Egyptian Arabic. 



Why learn Egyptian Arabic?


Egyptian Arabic is the most widely spoken dialect in Arab countries because of Egyptian films, plays and songs, which are very well known and popular in all Arab countries. Egyptian Arabic is easily understood throughout the Middle East. 



Our interpreters and teachers are flexible and have university degrees. Thanks to our central headquarters in Zurich, we can be deployed within a very short time. We have experience in public relations and in international diplomatic missions:

We are sworn to confidentiality and translate both written and oral.

We are the only translation agency in Switzerland that has an interpreter with a university degree in standard Arabic. Various references will confirm this and our precise work. We would be happy to present our services to you in a personal conversation, by email or in a phone call.


All about the Arabic language: including learning, translating and interpreting 



When to learn Standard Arabic?


The Arabic language is currently split into two parts:

the written and the spoken language. You can hardly find an Arab who speaks the written language. But all Arabs agree that one should only write in standard Arabic.

So in the Arabic region we find a language situation similar to that in German-speaking Switzerland: the dialect is spoken by the population as their mother tongue in everyday life, while the standard language is only learned at school and only used for formal situations and for writing.

To read the Koran, newspapers, books and to understand the news, you need to learn Standard Arabic. Most of the words in the dialects are standard Arabic words with small changes. Most of the time these are standard Arabic words without a case ending. 

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